Eolica Mediterranean 2022 is officially supported by AzzeroCO2

Eolica Mediterranean 2022 is officially supported by AzzeroCO2

We’re delighted to announce that Eolica Mediterranean 2022 enjoys the cooperation of AzzeroCO2

AzzeroCO2 is a sustainability and energy consultancy company founded in 2004 by Legambiente and Kyoto Club, that offers customized solutions to companies, public and private entities to reduce their environmental impact on the territory. We formulate strategic plans to guide our clients on a path towards environmental, economic and social sustainability, adopting a resilient and scientific approach to obtain credible results and communicate them effectively.

AzzeroCO2 is one of the first ESCo (Energy Service Company) certified according to ISO 11352: 2014. In this capacity it offers support for the evaluation of energy requalification interventions, using the formula of financing through third parties, research and activation of incentives and financing tools available (eg state and regional tenders, thermal account, white certificates, etc.).

In addition, in collaboration with his members Legambiente and Kyoto Club, it carries out initiatives on a national and local scale to promote sustainability, renewable sources and corporate social responsibility.

You can find more information about AzzeroCO2 here: https://www.azzeroco2.it/en/